spring training 2015

Yankees Spring Training in Florida

I can remember as a very young tot going to the Yankees games with my grandfather and my father. The entire day that we ventured to the stadium was a big event for my family. That is why I have kept this tradition alive by traveling to see the Yankees play during spring training in Florida. During my trip there were a few epic events that have created more lifetime memories for myself. I had decided to take some time off from freelancing in New York to re-experience some old memories and create some fresher adventures. That’s one of the biggest benefits of working for yourself. You can take a vacation when you feel like it. I am a creative mind who likes excitement and loves a great baseball game.

Florida Baseball

The sun was high and the weather was hotter than my native New York. Which is of course to been expected. I decided to drive down to Tampa, Florida instead of taking a plane flight. Although flying would have been faster, I preferred to make this an adventure. I rented a vacation home from a reputable website. That way, I could live in what I perceive as “luxury and privacy” without spending the extra cash on a traditional hotel room. Also, I think it sounds kind of neat when I recall the events of this trip with my friends. This was to be the vacation of a lifetime. The sun was sizzling and so was my adventurous soul. Yankees here I come!

Yankees in Action

The slap of the baseball after it had been thrown hit the catcher’s mitt. The bases were would be loaded if the batter hit the ball far enough. However to my surprise, the batter bunted the ball for a grounder. He sprinted towards first base without hesitation. Oh My! It was a close call. The umpire yells “safe”! The fans cheer and I’m in the middle of it all in the stands. I look across the field, I see all of my favorite players. This was a moment that I have been saving and waiting for. I was so excited to be there and my voice was growing sore from cheering.

brett-gardnerAfter the game was over a few of the players signed a few balls for the fans. I was a little timid at first but got the courage to ask for an autograph from my favorite player, Brett Gardner. To my astonishment, he signed my ball that I caught during the game. My heart was racing. This was a very exciting moment for me and made my trip worth the drive.

Fun Side Trip

After seeing the Yankees in action, I made a side trip to water ski the next day. Unfortunately. I never water skied a day in my life. So… I decided to get the best life jacket I could find. You, know… for safety. This was a day that I learned to let go and have more fun than was imaginable in New York. At first I felt like a fish out of water. After a few failed attempts, water skiing was become more natural to me. After skiing on the water for a while, I relaxed on the boat. I contemplated on my entire trip and all the new people I met along the way to and in Florida. In many ways I think that I did more than relive old memories. I truly lived! As the sun began to set, we traveled back to shore. I will look back on this as something that has help me to become a better person. If it weren’t for this fantastic adventure I would have always wondered, “What If”?