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What To REALLY Wear For Family Photos

While I still do graphic design for my main income, photography has always been a passion of mine. It’s something I’ve done on the side for a few years now. Photoshop editing is my strength but my picture taking skills are not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I’ve learned about lighting techniques, reflectors, different kinds of camera lenses, depth of field, and additional advanced stuff my mentor has taught me. I also learned that focusing on too many details can be a negative.

After a recent scheduled family photo session that could have turned out much better, I realized some people really don’t think hard about what they are going to wear. This alone can result in OK photos rather than incredible ones.

So here are some tips for those who are considering getting some professional family pictures taken this year.

If you’ve scheduled a family portrait session, you’re probably already trying to decide what to wear. It can be challenging to keep the whole family looking great for your pictures, but the task is not impossible! If you’re not sure what clothing to select, keep the following ideas in mind.

Remember Basic Rules of Coordination

If thoughts of your entire family in matching outfits from head to toe, give you nightmares, don’t worry! You don’t need to make everyone match to have beautiful photos. However, you do need the colors and styles of your clothes to coordinate.

As a general rule, basic styles and neutral colors are best. Your favorite dress might be brightly colored and boldly patterned, but that can be distracting when you’re looking at a photo. Instead, stick with neutrals for your family picture.

Although you want everyone to coordinate, you also want to emphasize individuality. Allow your kids to pick accessories, such as scarves, ties or hair bows that add a pop of color.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

You want your photos to look natural and beautiful, so it’s important that each member of your family is comfortable in the clothing you’ve selected. If your teenage daughter hates dresses, let her wear pants instead of the sundress you would prefer.

If your toddler complains about clothing with tags, make sure that you cut the tags out of his new sweater before picture day.
When your family members are comfortable in their clothing, they will also be confident. This allows your photographer to capture moments that are naturally pleasant and relaxed.

Add Some Personality

Finally, the best photos are those that showcase the personality of your family. If you want unique portraits, consider dressing in a way that emphasizes your family’s hobbies and interests.
Sports-loving families can find clothing even for their littlest members so you can have a photo that proudly displays the love you have for your favorite team.

If all of your children are active athletes, allow them to hold their footballs, baseball mitts or other sports accessories in the photo. If you’re a family of musicians, don’t be afraid to add your musical instruments to the scene.

When you coordinate your apparel, make sure everyone is comfortable and add a splash of personality, you’ll end up with photos that truly reflect the love and happiness that is present in your family.