pigeon balcony

I Love All Animals, Except Pigeons

For eleven years I am proud to say I have lived in Brooklyn. I am a lover of all animals but Brooklyn’s Pigeons are the absolute worst. It seems as if these pigeons fill the streets of Brooklyn and they are all I ever see.

They are either on the ground making a fuss or in the air. No matter where they are it is a horrific experience for me. The pigeons do not practice even basic hygiene. They will drink or eat anything within their path, no matter what it is.

There are multiple reasons why I do not like pigeons. I have encountered a few run-ins with them, unfortunately.

1. A Family of Disgusting Pigeons Hatched on My Balcony

Out of all the places that the pigeons could have gone, they decided to come to my balcony. I am surprised they could not tell that I did not have any love for them. I noticed that each morning as I’m getting ready for work, an ugly pigeon would come to my balcony for around a month. I did not know why each day I would see it come. I thought it was trying to make up to me for all the times the pigeons’ families were in the wrong.

A few weeks later, I noticed something under one of my folding chairs while I was doing my spring cleaning. I quickly realized it was a nest with two baby pigeons. I had to admit that it was a cute sight. It caused me to rethink what I thought about the pigeons for a moment. Maybe they were just so nasty because they did not have any other choice and I was admittedly kind of happy they had chosen my balcony. I did not go back on my balcony for a couple of weeks because I thought they would leave in a couple of weeks so I did not want to disturb them. I was very wrong.

At one point, I counted over fifteen pigeons on my balcony. That is way too many. They even covered my nice, newly clean balcony with their poop. I could not believe they did not know they should not poop where they sleep. This attracted flies and all kinds of insects. I knew that the only way to get rid of pigeons would be to scare them away. Then use an unhealthy amount of bleach to remove the stench they had left behind.

One day I noticed that one of the pigeons was actually using his beak to try to peck on the glass. He seemed to be trying to get into the apartment. I knew this was the day they had to go. So I placed garbage bags all around my body and went outside to scare them away. Then, I used water and bleach to clean.

I had to throw away my folding chairs because their poop was all over them. For a few weeks, one of the pigeons kept coming back. I guess he was waiting on the others to return but they never did. I guess he gave up because I have not seen a pigeon on my balcony since the day he stopped coming.

2. Brooklyn Pigeons Consume Garbage

Credit: Rid My Critters

When someone googles what pigeons eat they will get results like seeds, earthworms, and grains. The only problem is that I have never actually viewed a pigeon eating anything like this and I see them every day.

I have watched pigeons eat food wrappers, dirty tissue paper, thrown away pizza, cigarette butts, and chunks of vomit. It is my belief that pigeons eat anything they can find on the streets of Brooklyn. I would think that pigeons would know not to eat certain things instinctively; however, this does not seem to be likely. They will truly eat anything.

Many people think that pigeons are just flying rats. At least rats have the decency to do their dirty work behind closed doors. Pigeons do not care who is watching.

3. My Face was Swooped by a Pigeon

I was certainly in disbelief. I could not believe that a penguin did that to me. Every time I see one, I think of that moment. I was walking downtown a couple of years ago, fully focused on where I was going. Then, I notice a swooshing sound. I heard the sound go back and forth quickly. I had no idea where the swooshing sound was coming from.

As I was trying to figure things out, a pigeon almost flew right into my face. The pigeon’s beak was millimeters from my nose. As the pigeon flew by, its wing hit my left cheek. I was mortified.

I will never be a fan of pigeons for so many reasons. All of these moments with them are times I will never forget.