Hey what’s up! My name’s Pamela and I am a graphic designer/artist living in the best city in the world… New York! You’re probably thinking, “what the heck is this title of a site?”. Well, short story is that when my 4 siblings and I were younger, we’d used to visit this older lady down the street who’s husband had recently passed away. She was about 80 but had the energy of a 30 year old. She made the BEST lasagna I’ve ever had and we would all practically invite ourselves for dinner a couple nights a week (both our parents were working). We’d always request her homemade lasagna and she loved cooking for us. Well after a few times, she would simply refer to us as her “lasagna children”. She died a few years ago but their memories I’ll never forget.

As someone new to the whole freelancing scene, I thought I start up this site as both an outlet and podium for whatever I can think of. While I consider myself an artist, I do enough of that work for my “day job” so you won’t be seeing impressive work here or me showing off my portfolio. It’s simply a place to write down some thoughts and so I can see in a few years the journey I’ve taken. I’ll try to keep things light and entertaining but I can get pretty passionate about topics that really interest me. Thanks for visiting!