house of cards

8 Reasons Why House of Cards is my Favorite Show

House of Cards is one of Netflix’s better shows; even the officials on Capitol Hill are obsessed with it. So what is it about this dark horse that makes it so great? I believed that it is pure genius on a variety of levels. Here’s my list of 8 reasons why House of Cards is the best show you can watch.

  1. Frank Underwood– Frank Underwood is a southern gentleman with a brilliant mind, loads of charm, and a nearly unscrupulous heart; but somehow he continues to keep television audiences eating out of his hand. Although, he has even been labelled a murderer; Frank Underwood still has the ability to makes you want to root for him and his honest facial expressions and smart-alecky mouth will make you laugh during some of the darkest moments on the show. In other words, Frank Underwood is the perfect bad guy.
  2. Robin Wright – She executes her role perfectly as Frank’s wife Claire Underwood. In fact, it is clear from the very beginning that she is a force to be reckoned with. When paired with her husband, they make an unstoppable duo that is equal parts quiet storm and charm.
  3. Portrays real, albeit twisted love: Frank and Claire will do anything for one another and their relationship is built on a weird sort of deep respect. For example, although sexual infidelity occurs in the marriage, they support almost everything the other is willing to do in order achieve a goal of mutual benefit; even if it boils down to criminal behavior or sexual affairs. They both operate with openness and honesty with each other that leaves me wondering what devious plan will this dynamic duo cook up next?
  4. Satisfies my curiosity about what really goes down in Washington DC– This show gives me a fly on the wall perspective of what happens behind the scenes in Washington DC. I understand perfectly that the show is a fictional one, however, I feel like the cringe-worthy portrayal of the wheeling and dealing is fairly accurate. I’m able to get a front seat and watch as ideas develop and evolve into tools for Frank Underwood’s genius mind to manipulate and use for his personal gain.
  5. I can watch it whenever I want– Because Netflix releases the entire season at once, I can watch my favorite show whenever I’m in the mood for some DC tinged drama.
  6.  Characters I love to hate: The supporting casts of characters on House of Cards are deadly ambitious, complicated, bold, and brash. In fact, it is very possible that some will call your sense of morality into question. For example, would you want a drug and alcohol addicted politician to represent you? Trust me, if you watch this show, that answer isn’t as clear cut as you might think.
  7. The genius snappy one-liners delivered when breaking the fourth wall: When Frank Underwood delivers his insanely creative and succinct one liners, it is as if he is speaking directly to me when he’s breaking the fourth wall. In this way, I feel as if I’m along for the ride, not just watching the action.
  8.  No Fluff: This show is full of gritty realism and displays a version of the political system that pulls no punches, can be a bit extreme, but still highly entertaining.

House of Cards is one of the most brilliant shows on television because of the way it is delivered, its cast of characters, and because this dark, clever, and funny show personifies everything I want in a television drama.