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Feb 25

Your Friendly Wintertime Water Heater Warning

A lot has happened since I last posted. Rent in New York has skyrocketed and I was forced to make the decision to move out of my place. I’ve been looking at apartments a little further away from the hub of the city since other than convenience, I have no real reason to live there …

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Mar 20

Yankees Spring Training in Florida

I can remember as a very young tot going to the Yankees games with my grandfather and my father. The entire day that we ventured to the stadium was a big event for my family. That is why I have kept this tradition alive by traveling to see the Yankees play during spring training in …

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Nov 24

Working with a Nutritionist

Ugh… so TIRED. You know the feeling, right? For the past few months now, I’m just… dragging. (No, I’m not pregnant.) You know how some days are just sooo looong and you’re sooo tiiiired and you can’t get to bed soon enough? Well, that’s been pretty much every day for a while now. I know …

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Aug 27

I Love New York

What a crazy few weeks it’s been for me, and I can’t wait to share my astounding news. I’ve been busy creating some new¬†designs for my portfolio, and I decided to take a break and write this blog; I’m rather excited to show off my work to my clients, who live right here in New …

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