The Downsides of Freelancing as a Graphic Designer

freelancingWorking at an ad agency is not exactly my dream job. Sure, I’m getting experience, but I am not happy working there, so I thought about making the move to New York before the end of the year. In doing so I have a fair amount of fear that I could make it as a freelance graphic designer. I have a degree in design, but without a job in an advertising or marketing agency, could I make it?

To be a freelance graphic designer I would have to get clients, who would pay me to generate ad copy , brochures and logos. I will have to give out my business card to everyone I meet, and have a winning  portfolio to wow my prospective clients. Networking is a large part of my scheme, I scoured online job boards and really did not think, given the  cost of living in New York that I could afford to work for the pittance those jobs were paying.

I am a confident person, I am sure that I could advise clients on the best designs to reach their target audience. My job is to formulate this design first by hand and then using a CAD program to further flush out the colors, text, style, and layout. It required collaboration with writers who would choose the words and  then I would decide whether the words would be in paragraphs, lists or tables. I could find myself working with advertising people, promotion people, public relations and marketing.

I will have to stay current with what designs are popular, and which were no longer being used. Of, course I know that working in an ad agency, would allow my access to more jobs, but given that I liked working alone and not part of a design team, I thought freelancing would work out better for my temperament.

Creativity had always been one of my strengths, along with time-management, communication, analytical, and artistic ability. As a freelancer I have to be flexible as to the types of jobs I would take. I would be competing with other graphic designers for the available work, instead of the jobs coming to me.

If I could get enough work designing websites for business and individuals that would be a good start. My objective is to design packaging of common products to make them more attractive to the public. There are too many snack foods on the market, making one brand’s packaging look delicious over the others would be a job I would like to attempt.

Books will often languish on the shelves because of a boring book jacket. Designing an exciting one would make the sales of the book soar. People have to notice the book, before they will read it. A vivid book jacket can assist in promoting the book to the public.

Being a freelance graphic designer, as in any freelance pursuit, is not for the faint of heart. You must have enough money, especially, if you are living in New York, to survive until you get a healthy client base. It really only takes a few good clients, and then “word of mouth”, will get you more jobs. I have been working as a graphic designer for two years, and it is time to move on to the greener pastures New York has to offer.. It will take a large “leap of faith”, but I think I am ready to move. There are people I know in NY, but no business contacts yet…


My Time Management Tips

time-managementBeing a graphic designer and artist living in New York, I can always find some distraction that will give me inspiration for my next project.  I mean, New York has everything I could ever need or want.  From spending a day at Central Park or taking in the latest play, I could spend all my time just exploring.  The drawback to finding my creative inspiration is not working on projects or meeting deadlines.  Let’s face it, a girl has to eat and my landlord would really like his rent check on time.  Since I am not real fan of the routines, I have learned to manage my time to allow for that moment of spontaneity as well as meeting all the other demands of life. So, here are some of my time management tips that seem to help me stay organized and on top of everything. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m an Audiophile and I Admit it

high-end-audioThat sweet setup you see there? Yeah, that’s not mine. Alright. So you made the decision on tossing your cheap audio system and adopt audiofile excellence: Perfect duplication of recorded audio. Or maybe you might be just curious about the Ideal and wonder if it actually matters to one’s pleasure of, and involvement with, sound that reproduction be better than that of your existing audio system. If that’s the case, how do you learn more? And how does one start in becoming an audiophile? When I first got into my new home, I wanted to do all these repairs but didn’t know where to start. After reading hundreds of air compressor reviews, I decided on a the Rolair JC10 simply mainly because of how quiet it was. That combined with my new Hitachi nail gun allowed me to build my first deck (with a little neighborly help). Shopping for audio components is the same thing. Read the rest of this entry »